A New Comedy TV Series
Written by Nicole Moore

City Girl Living A Country Catastrophe.....


Blackie is a UK based, 6 part semi autobiographical cringe comedy, set in the present. A cross between "The Fresh Prince", "Chewing Gum" and "The Inbetweeners", ‘Blackie’ follows Natalie Black, a poor, naive, council estate girl trying to find her place in the world with her crazy group of friends. They're constantly getting into unfortunate situations together, which become even more cringe worthy when Nat is thrust head first into the rich life. 

Imagine if you will, a young, black woman from a council estate... 

Now imagine her dressed in tweed, shotgun in hand, bloodhound at her heel. 

Or surrounded by rich white men discussing yachts, planes, and other rich boys toys - in the Queen's English. 

Or attending a black tie event at one of England's oldest establishments - a Freemasons club. 

You can't quite picture it, can you?... Neither could she! 

Natalie Black, a 20 something, well-spoken black single mum, constantly deals with the daily struggles of being a black woman in a white society. She faces race related issues, class stereotypes; and also faces her own fears of under-achieving. She constantly strives to improve the life of her son by achieving one of her many unrealistic dreams.

With her besties in tow (Mel, a Pakistani law school drop-out, and Layla, a middle-class hippy), Nat needs to focus on her dreams without being disenchanted by people’s narrow minded views of her. All whilst attempting to impress her new man and his family.

His mum drives a Volvo.

His Grandad is a mischievous 100-year-old war veteran who still says words like ‘Japs’ and ‘nig nogs’.

And his ex-girlfriend shops at Joules, drives a Range Rover and screams at the staff.


Somehow, Nat needs to find her place in their world without making herself look like an idiot, or God forbid, a hypocrite. 


Character Breakdown

Natalie Black/Nat/Blackie

(Played by Michaela Coel  OR Susie Wokoma)

A council estate girl with an etiquette to match, but with a well educated voice and sound general knowledge from many colourful years of life experience.

A strong headed woman who thinks she is a leader but is really just bossy, Nat is also a kind hearted empath who hates being in the wrong but struggles to apologise for her behaviour. 


Blackie - Michaela Cole 2.png
Susan Wokoma.jpg

Meliame Malik/Mel 

(Played by Khairun Naid)

A reluctant Muslim rebel, who is trying to understand her sexuality and escape the family ‘clutches’. She is a failed fashion student and a designer trainer fanatic.

Mel is a street-talking hustler who enjoys the finer things in life, but not neccesarily the type of people who come with them...


(Played by Simon Bird)

A bit of an oaf with a wealthy, eccentric family in tow. Anton is a posh, intelligent dork who likes anything that's a bit 'different', and likes to think of himself as a non-conformist.

His peers find him cool, riveting and knowledgeable, but behind the fast cars and successful businesses lies a real softy who, like Nat, just longs to be accepted for being himself.

Anton - Simon Bird 2.jpg
Layla - Anna Popplewell 3.jpg

Layla (Played by Anna Popplewell)

After running away from a stiff, upper class home, Layla renounced her inheritance. Now living with hippies on a canal boat, she’s found her ‘groove’ as a Doula. This weed-smoking, crystal-reading apothecary does all she can to share her new-found spirituality with Nat and her acquaintances, whether she likes it or not.


Episode breakdowns

1. Final curtain


Mel has been roped into helping Nat achieve yet another dream - becoming a Westend performer. But when Mel asks Nat to return the favour by helping her to trick Mel’s parents, not only do their plans catastrophically collapse, but their friendship - and their improvisational skills - are pushed to new limits. 


2. First Impressions


After meeting the wealthy Anton at a party, Nat is confused. How could he be interested in someone from her background? Doesn’t she need to be more ‘suitable’? Disaster ensues as Nat embarks on shooting lessons, country fashion make-overs and more - all to ensure she fits into Anton’s world. 


3. 4x4

Following her successful shooting lesson, Nat bags an invite to a proper game shoot. Firstly - she needs a car. Secondly - she needs a shooting outfit. And thirdly - she needs to learn the lingo to impress Anton and friends. But a ‘blackie’ at a posh country shoot? Bound to go wrong. 


4. BBQ


Anton decides it’s time to invite Nat to his country residence - along with his shooting buddies and business associates. But what does a ‘girl from the block’ know about BBQ-ing Venison? And is Mel’s idea of getting the party going with Nats’ DJing skills a disaster in the making? 


5. Freemasons


Finally, it’s time for Nat to meet Anton’s family, at his Grandfather’s 100th birthday party. When Nat realises it’s a Freemason’s do, all sorts of illuminati secret society stereotypes scare her into thinking the worst. Will her behaviour leave the other family members aghast or have them crying with laughter? 


6. Norfolk ties


Nat gives Anton a taste of her world, by taking him caravanning. While Anton is enjoying fishing, Layla gets high on seaweed, Mel gets sick and Nat gets gawped at by the locals . Can they find a way to inject some fun into this old fashioned British holiday?